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Балобанов О. О., Андріященко О. О.

Страхування морських перевезень вантажу: окремі організаційно-правові аспекти

Oleksandr Balobanov*, Oleksandra Andriiaschenko**

Insurance of sea cargo transportation: some organizational and legal aspects

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Балобанов, О.О., Андріященко, О.О. (2018). Страхування морських перевезень вантажу: окремі організаційно-правові аспекти. Lex Portus, 4, 80-88. https://doi.org/10.26886/2524-101X.4.2018.6

Balobanov, O.O., Andriiashchenko, O.O. (2018). Strakhuvannia morskykh perevezen vantazhu: okremi orhanizatsiino-pravovi aspekty [Insurance of sea cargo transportation: some organizational and legal aspects]. Lex Portus, no. 4, 80-88. https://doi.org/10.26886/2524-101X.4.2018.6 [in Ukrainian].

*Oleksandr Balobanov, PhD in Law, Professor of the Department of Maritime Law of Odessa National Maritime University (Odessa, Ukraine)

**Oleksandra Andriiaschenko, student of Odessa National Maritime University (Odessa, Ukraine)



In today's conditions of development of international relations, the leading role in the protection of rights and interests of trade entities plays a significant role in cargo insurance, the more so by sea transport is in demand by enterprises engaged in foreign economic activity. In the presence of an effective system of legal regulation, this type of activity is capable of ensuring stability and sustainable development of trade, protecting it from all kinds of risks. Сompensation for losses caused by insured events specified in the insurance contract An effective element of such a mechanism is marine insurance, as it provides Cargo insurance - one of the most common types of insurance operations. The fact that this type of insurance has arisen for a long time, explains the reason for a thorough and detailed development of it. Over the centuries, the choice of approaches and conditions of insurance has taken place, and today only those that fully take into account the interests of the participants in insurance relationships and most closely correspond to modern business requirements are existing and developing. These conditions all over the world are characterized by their uniqueness, which is a positive factor, since it facilitates the choice of the insurer and the insurer's work. The generally accepted conditions are widely used in the Ukrainian insurance market as well. Let's consider more detailed conditions of the contract of insurance of transported cargoes. An insured may be a person who has an insurance interest in the cargo: the sender and the recipient, the owner or the operator of the goods, a natural or legal person. An insurer in Ukraine can only be an insurance company that has obtained a license from UkrStrokhNadzor and has the right to carry out this type of insurance in accordance with its constituent documents. Insurance of cargoes in Ukraine today is only beginning to develop the potential of the market of domestic and transit cargo, which is perhaps the largest in Eastern Europe. The progress of further development of this type of insurance in Ukraine will depend primarily on the improvement of its infrastructure and the training of highly skilled domestic personnel. The subjects of sea insurance of cargo are: cargo owners, carriers, forwarders, operators of cargo transport terminals, which carry out activities in the field of transportation in accordance with the concluded contracts. The maritime sector for Ukraine is determined not only by its maritime location, but by its global challenges and trends. In Ukraine, where there is a low cost of production, the development of the international division of labor leads to an increase in labor in world trade and affects almost 93%, which, according to the IMO (International Maritime Organization), allocates sea trade. Significant volume of international connections of passenger and cargo transportation is increasing. The maritime transport complex of Ukraine is a multifunctional structure, it satisfies the needs of the national economy in transport.

Key words: maritime insurance, cargo insurance, problems of cargo insurance contract.



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Балобанов О. О., Андріященко О. О. Страхування морських перевезень вантажу: окремі організаційно-правові аспекти. – Стаття.

У статті розкрито важливість іституту морського страхування. Висвітлено проблеми національного правового регулювання морського страхування, в т. ч. і морського вантажу. Досліджена проблема трактування договору страхування вантажу, визначення обов’язків та відповідальності сторін.

Ключові слова: морське страхування, страхування вантажів, проблеми договору страхування вантажів.


Балобанов А.О., Андриященко А.А. Страхование морских перевозок груза: некоторые организационно-правовые аспекты. – Статья.

В статье раскрыта важность институтов морского страхования. Освещены проблемы в национальном правовом регулировании морского страхования, в т. ч. и морского груза. Исследована проблема трактования договора страхования груза при определение обязанностей и ответственности сторон.

Ключевые слова: морское страхование, страхование грузов, проблемы договора страхования грузов.

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