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Instructions for Authors

Submission Requirements

The papers, that are sent to the editor of the “LEX PORTUS” journal must satisfy the requirements of the decision of the Supreme Certification Commission of Ukraine № 7-05/1 of January, 15, 2003 “About the increase of requirements to professional publications, registered with VAK of Ukraine” and of the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 32 of January, 15, 2018 “About approval the order of formation of the List of scientific professional editions of Ukraine”.

These requirements include: relevance, clearly defined problems, scientific positions, developed personally by the author, conclusions about scientific and practical importance of a scientific development; a definition of UDC.


Paper Structure and Length

Mandatory structural elements of a paper are: 1) a statement of a problem and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks; 2) analysis of recent researches and publications on the problem under consideration; 3) definition of unresolved target issues on the given problem; 4) formulating the aims of a paper; 5) reasonable presentation of the basic research results; 6) conclusions of the given research.

The length of the paper should be about 18,000 – 22,000 characters (1800 characters per page A4).


Summary and Abstract

Summary of  a paper (400 – 500 characters with spaces), key words (6 – 10 words) shall be written in English at the beginning of the paper after the title.

Abstract of a paper shall be written in English (at least 1800 characters).

For papers, submitted by English-speaking authors, the Editors also make a translation of titles, annotations, abstracts and information of authors in Ukrainian and Russian. Ukrainian and Russian speaking authors shall submit a relevant translation by themself.

Texts in English may be written in British or American English with academic level of proficiency.



References must meet the requirements of the APA-Style (

In addition, it must be English-language references in the list of used sources.

Only English quotes are used (“.....”).


Submission of Papers

The paper shall be submitted to the editorial office in electronic form in a Microsoft Word format in two files.

1) A title page of a paper, which includes:

- a title of a paper;

- surname, name of an author (s), affiliation and position;

- contact details of an author (s): e-mail address, contact phone number, reference to the author's affiliation web site;

- abstract of the paper (according to the  Summary and Abstract).

2) A text of a paper (without specifying the information about the author) which includes:

- a title in the language of a paper;

- summary;

- a main text of a paper.


Additional Documents to be Submitted with the Paper

The author (s) shall also submit in electronic form:

- a statement, signed by the author (s) which indicates that the paper has not been previously printed and has not been submitted for publication to any other journal;
- funding statement, that describes the sources of funding that have supported the research (relevant grants or sponsors) or states that the author(s) received no specific funding for this research;

- photo of the author (s) in the format jpg, tif (volume not less than 1 Mb).


The Double Blinded Peer Review and Editing Procedures

The papers submitted to the “LEX PORTUS” journal are subject to a Pre-Review and Double Blinded Peer Review.

At the first stage, the Editors pre-review all submissions for compliance with the requirements regarding: the relevance of the paper to the subject area of the journal, the proper format of the paper and the completeness of the documents provided. In the case of compliance with the requirements, the materials are transferred to the next stage of the review. Papers which do not fall within the scope of the Lex Portus or are manifestly substandard are not sent out for peer review.

At the second stage, the submitted papers goes through a Double blinded peer-review procedure, for which the Editors assigns an independent reviewer from the leading specialists in the relevant area of legal science. The peer-review is based on such criteria, as: relevance, originality, scientific level of presentation of the material, scientific or practical significance, adherence to the requirements of academic integrity. Reviewers make use of a detailed review-form.

Plagiarism Check

The Editors perform a plagiarism check of all papers submitted. Typically the Editors use Unicheck or iThenticate! online resources to screen papers for plagiarism. However, the Editors reserve the right to use any other relevant resources or software.

At the author's request, the Editors shall send to the author the anonymous copy of filled review-form.

The Editorial Board considers the publication of the submitted paper on the grounds of peer-review. However, the Editorial Board is non bounded with the reviewers’ recommendation and reserves the right to edit, to propose revision or to reject the paper. Notification of acceptance, rejection or need for revision will be given to author (s) by e-mail.

By submitting a paper to the journal “LEX PORTUS”, the author (s) agrees with placement of the published article in Open Access to the Internet on the conditions of Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International.


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