Thursday, 26 May 2022

Albert Yezerov*

Review of the Positions of the Ukrainian Supreme Court on Maritime Law Disputes (Administrative Jurisdiction)

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Yezerov. A. (2022). Review of the Positions of the Ukrainian Supreme Court on Maritime Law Disputes (Administrative Jurisdiction). Lex Portus, 8(1), 28-48.

*PhD in Law, Associate Professor, judge of the Supreme Court (8, P. Orlyka St., Kyiv, Ukraine)



The present paper provides an overview of the legal positions of the Ukrainian Supreme Court on maritime disputes within the framework of administrative jurisdiction. In this class of cases, disputes arise about the performance or non-performance of public administration functions or the provision or non-provision of administrative services in matters related to navigation, fisheries, seaports functioning, environmental protection in the coastal waters, etc. Mainly, this paper focuses on the cases concerning prohibitions for ships to call out from a port, services provided by harbormasters, pollution of coastal waters, and fishing. In addition, special attention is paid to disputes related to the legal regime of seaports enforcement in terms of the performance of functions of port authorities and other agencies entitled to various types of controls in the port (in particular, environmental).

The keywords: maritime disputes, administrative jurisdiction, seaports, harbormasters, port authorities, Ukraine.


Supreme Court. (2018, June 5). Case about the appeal of the Harbormaster failure of obligation to refuse to issue a permit to leave the port of the vessel. (No. 815/505/16). [in Ukrainian].

Supreme Court. (2020, August 17). Case on appealing the provisions about the Harbormaster and the service of the Harbormaster. (No. 640/1151/19). [in Ukrainian].

Supreme Court. (2018, September 20). Case on checking the procedure of applying tariffs for services in seaports. (No. 2a-12088/09/1570). [in Ukrainian].

Supreme Court. (2018, September 7). Case on establishing the lack of powers of the port authorities to set the rate of the tonnage dues for foreign-flagged vessels engaged in cabotage as for vessels engaged in international voyages. (No. 815/6436/15). [in Ukrainian].

Supreme Court. (2021, April 1). Сase on granting permission for the vessel to enter commercial seaport. (No. 814/1100/18). [in Ukrainian].

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Supreme Court. (2021, February 16). Case on the appeal of the refusal to agree on the research program concerning fishing in the five-kilometer coastal zone along the Ukrainian coast of the Azov Sea. (No. 808/2192/16). [in Ukrainian].

Supreme Court. (2021, September 16). Case on the recognition of illegal inaction of the State Ecological Inspection of Ukraine in not carrying out radiological control of the cargo, which led to the detention of the ship. (No. 815/658/18). [in Ukrainian].

Supreme Court. (2021, June 16). Case on the refusal of the vessel to leave the port due to the prohibition decision of the border service. (No. 2140/1776/18). [in Ukrainian].

Supreme Court. (2018, December 6). Case regarding non-compliance with conditions of storage of food products (fish) located in boxes on the berths in the port area. (No. 808/3534/13-a). [in Ukrainian].


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