П'ятниця, 21 січня 2022

Borys Kormych*

Tetiana Averochkina**

The 5th Anniversary of Lex Portus Journal: Emerging Transnational Law of Supply Chains

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Suggested citation:

Kormych, B., & Averochkina, T. (2021). The 5th Anniversary of Lex Portus Journal: Emerging Transnational Law of Supply Chains. Lex Portus, 7(5), 7–13. https://doi.org/10.26886/2524-101X.7.5.2021.1

*Editor-in-Chief, Professor, Head of the Department of Maritime and Customs Law, National University “Odessa Law Academy” (23, Fontanska Doroga, Odessa, Ukraine)

**Scientific Editor, Professor, Department of Maritime and Customs Law, National University “Odessa Law Academy” (23, Fontanska Doroga, Odessa, Ukraine)



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